Liz Valentina Sepúlveda Gómez

When the time comes and you need some extra help with your baby, moms consider everything to guarantee the protection and care of the children, I do.
The first time I had to look for a nanny for my baby, I was very scared and anxious. As a mom, I don’t think anyone can care more about my baby than myself but Diana has been the closest thing to that so far. Diana is a very sweet lady that did my days easier. She is very flexible, responsible, communicative and friendly. One thing of many that made me consider Diana as the perfect person for my baby was her education. As a psychologist, Diana is very acknowledged and knows how to improve the development of my baby in a fun way, and in a more creative way than Myself. Diana’s daycare is absolutely adorable, safe and had tons of toys for my baby to play which I consider great. Diana’s house is located in a very safe neighborhood, making her house a very safe environment for my baby.
On the other hand, Diana will take the time to listen to your request, your methods, the routine, the meals and everything in between. Feeling a connection and understanding with Diana was key to my peace of mind.
Lastly, I would like to add that Diana not only speak English but also Spanish. I am sure that Diana will teach my baby how to speak Spanish among other things I may not be able to do while I am at work.
I totally recommend Diana and her daycare as the best child care place and person I have found so far. As moms, a review may help to make decisions (I tend to do so before making a decision) therefore, as a mom that wants nothing but the best for my baby, Diana is the best option.

Marielba B. Santana

Ms Diana has been looking after my son for almost three years. She has been an absolute Godsend! Gabriel is a very ENERGETIC and HEADSTRONG child, but Ms Diana with her Psychology background has been able to look after him successfully and helped me with ways to better parent my child. This is the formal part of it, she is incredibly qualified to care for a child.

But she is more than that, she is responsible, very clean and organized, and above all very loving!!! Treats my son with so much love and respect, and he loves her just as much.

I am a very careful parent and it was difficult for me to send Gabriel to daycare, but we knew it was necessary to help him develop his language skills. We accomplished that and much more. I feel very confortable leaving my child in the expert hands of Ms. Diana.

Norma Reyes

She has taken care of my child since he was born. I am very pleased with the way she has worked with him. She is great educator and very professional!

Ale González

We were lucky enough to have had Miss Diana to take care of both of our kids at some point. She is very caring and takes care of the kids with love. At the same time she is really prepared academically, teaching them according to their age and personal needs.
The daycare facilities are nice and clean and fully equipped to all ages.
Love the work they do with our kids at ABC Angels Academy!

Daniela Donoso Falquero

Diana was a critical extension of our family when she cared for our daughter, providing structured learning, didactic play and loving support.

Diana understands and addresses the unique needs of every child in her care. Her approach to instruction balanced education and fun so effectively that our youngest couldn’t help but learn. Her verbal abilities as well as social skills improved dramatically while in Diana’s care.

Most importantly, Diana provided our daughter with a foundation for successes that benefits her to this day. Our family is grateful.

Ana Catalina Fraundorf
 “We met Diana on March 2017 when my daughter started going to the day care for the first time.  My daughter was almost 2 years old when she started.  Diana helped us with the transition and make my daughter and I feel more secure and better during the entire process.  Since then my daughter had developed a wonderful bond with Diana. She loved going to the daycare and loved the care and teaching provided by Diana.  I fell very comfortable reaching and talking to Diana about my concerns, questions, or about any other topic related with my daughter education and care.  Diana is easy to talk to.  She is open and genuine.  She takes any of my concerns seriously and engage them in a professional manner.  Diana also provides pictures and videos of some of the activities they are doing.Diana creates a safe and fun environment for all kids.

I highly recommend Diana Flechas as a teacher/child care provider.  She is kind, thoughtful, open-minded and compassionate person.  Any child that gets to spend time with Diana will be happy and fulfilled”.